Letter: City manager doesn’t deserve raise




What? Did I read that right? A 7.9 percent raise? (“Council to vote on raise for city manager,” Aug. 10, The Columbian.)

Although the Vancouver City Council obviously wants to keep this guy happy (although I’m not at all sure why, since they are his bosses and call the shots), I cannot see any justification for this large of an increase. He should be accorded the same percentage of increase that city employees get. No more, no less.

And before anyone starts crowing about what a good job he’s doing, refer to the Aug. 9 Columbian story, “Whose job is median maintenance?” about overgrown rights of way and look at other neglected city property. Also check out downtown’s “pothole alley,” not to mention other city streets that are in disrepair.

Comparing Vancouver City Manager Eric Holmes’ salary to that of Clark Public Utilities CEO Wayne Nelson is absurd. Nelson is head of an award-winning utility that provides better, more cost effective electrical and water service than any other provider in the region. The city of Vancouver’s service level is way below our public utility.

Maybe the city manager needs a pay cut until he brings the service level up to snuff.

A raise of 7.9 percent — that’s a slap in the taxpayers’ and city employees’ faces.