Cleaning company collects food for FISH




Orchards — Employees and clients of the Cleaning Authority in Vancouver teamed up to collect more than 3,200 pound of food, which was donated to FISH of Vancouver. The company’s summer drive saw employees donate about 400 pounds of food and clients donate around 2,800 pounds, according to John Arenz, owner. He said the company has done winter food drives before, but this was its first summer one. The company looked into a summer drive because Arenz’s wife used to help out in schools during breakfast and lunch and saw how many kids received food through various programs, so she wondered what happened over the summer. Arenz said the summer one was more active than any winter drives they’ve done so far, and the plan is to continue doing summer drives in addition to winter ones. “The customers made it possible,” he said. “As an owner, the success wasn’t because of me. It was because of our customers.”