Letter: Congresswoman needs to listen




The most important aspect of the role of U.S. representatives is to meet with and listen to the people they represent; how else can they do their job representing us?

During the recent Congressional recess, a group of us rallied outside the office of Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler, R-Battle Ground, to do just that. But, instead of meeting with us, she posted signs around her office building and on the front of her locked office door, that read, in part: “To ensure the safety of our staff … will not be taking walk-in visitors today.”

Here we were, a group of over 30 citizens (mostly seniors), simply asking to talk with her. We do not want to attend her usual staged telephone town halls that allow only preapproved questions. We want real, live conversations. What is the “safety” issue she fears? Is she afraid she can’t handle the questions from concerned citizens or that the “optics” will look bad if someone videotapes it? Surely, she can’t fear bodily harm from a group of mostly senior citizens?

She must know how fearful and frustrated many of us are because of the policies and behavior coming from the White House.

Why do we keep re-electing someone who refuses to perform the fundamentals of her job?