Letter: Support Greene for port




I recommend that voters give strong consideration to Kris Greene for Port of Vancouver commissioner.

I have observed that, among the candidates, Greene alone has the coolheaded judgement, collegial manner, and analytical approach to keep our port competitive and sustainable. His broad-based program stresses safety, transparency, growth, harmony among stakeholders, and education of our workforce, including our high school students.

At an air permit hearing for the Vancouver Energy oil terminal project at Clark College on June 7, I was present when Greene’s opponent testified. Without giving any basis for his bold assertion, Don Orange accused Vancouver Energy/Tesoro of actions “like Volkswagen,” implying a serious illegality. I found that unsupported assertion imprudent and his public testimony in that vein unprofessional.

If such assertions were to be carried over into his duties as commissioner, they could be very harmful to the port. Greene is a trusted, dependable business leader who can be counted upon to act in the best interests of the port and its taxpayers.