Letter: Trust the facts on oil terminal




Among all the mistruths in the current spate of letters published here in opposition to the Vancouver Energy project, the most ironic was the statement by Ronald Morrison: “The facts against it are clear and convincing” (“Support Orange, kill oil terminal,” Aug. 6).

The Washington State Energy Facility Site Evaluation Council is a group of science, technology, law, and policy experts. They are charged with fairly evaluating the body of facts presented in support and opposition of this energy project. If the facts were clearly against the project, why would the opponents be so animated in their letters?

These letters encourage voters to do an end-run of the EFSEC process — to kill the project by letting project opponents control the port leadership.

When you read the next letter published in opposition to the project, remember that its author does not trust the science, does not trust the facts, does not trust EFSEC, and is trying to incite a mob response.

Those authors — or their agitators — have looked at the data, and they are nervous because the science and objective facts don’t clearly support their position.