Blood supply drops to emergency levels



Vancouver – Blood supply levels have dropped to a one-day supply or less, prompting Bloodworks Northwest to issue an urgent plea for donors.

Normal inventory is a four-day supply. Inventory dropped by nearly 25 percent after the recent heat wave, according to Bloodworks Northwest. The organization provides blood to regional hospitals, including both Vancouver hospitals.

Type O — the most common blood type in the Northwest — is being shipped to hospitals almost as soon as it is collected, according to Bloodworks. There is a special need for Type O blood and platelets, but all donors are needed.

“With the solar eclipse on Monday and with up to 1 million people converging on Oregon and Southwest Washington, we need to be ready,” said Dr. James P. AuBuchon, president and CEO of Bloodworks, in a news release. “Responding to emergencies requires blood that is already collected, tested, on the shelves and ready for immediate use.”

Donors can schedule an appointment online,, or by phone, 800-398-7888. The Vancouver Donor Center, 9320 N.E. Vancouver Mall Drive, Suite 100, is open Tuesday through Saturday.