Letter: Vote your conscience




The recent tragic events in Charlottesville, Va., and President Trump’s bizarre response to them have brought into sharp focus the dilemma facing this country. Neither the framers of the Constitution nor those who have interpreted it through the years ever considered the possibility that someone like Trump would gain the presidency — someone whose values are diametrically opposed to those the country was founded on. As a consequence, the presidency is basically immune to attempts to control it, or, indeed, to change it.

The 25th Amendment and impeachment are the only constitutional solutions available to remove this president between elections, and both would require the majority party to initiate them. Until the majority party changes, neither solution will happen as long as Trump pursues the agenda of his party, which, to put it bluntly, is to transfer the entire wealth of the country upward to the richest.

Therefore, we are left with the ballot box. If you disagree with this presidency, and polls show that nearly two-thirds of us do, you must turn out to the 2018 election and vote the GOP out of office, at every level. It’s that simple.