Letter: Remember tax vote at election time




When one of the most profound changes in our federal tax system is being voted on, we in the 3rd District are only allowed to read statements by our representative, Jaime Herrera Beutler, R-Battle Ground, in the newspaper and on her web page that support the GOP talking points.

On her web page she claims that U.S. corporations pay the highest tax rate in the world and are not competitive, yet we know from our local paper and other media that Boeing, the biggest employer in our state, and many of the largest corporations pay a fraction of the taxes she claims.

We are now learning that this legislation will cut off health care to 13 million people to help pay for these unneeded tax cuts. To be a true representative of the people, you need to listen to the people you represent, not just type out talking points in the newspaper and on a web page. We deserve a person who is not afraid to come before the people and stand up and defend their position or idea before they cast their vote. We the people do not have a voice in this tax legislation but we do have a voice who we vote for in 2018.