Vital Statistics



Marriage dissolution


Matous, Jessica Ann and Steven Kraig.

Hayes, James Sr. and Annamae.

Mendoza, Melissa Louise and Mendoza-Ramos, Samuel. Petitioner’s name changed to Knott-Mendoza.


Sans, Eric A. and Giffuni, Cinndy.

Siguenza, Sylvia Mendiola and Edwin Shon.

Jacques, Wayne G. and Cindy.

Whitaker, Michael Alan and Beasley, Charles Howard.

Collier, Michelle Odene and Homer Ray Jr.

Burley, Geri L. and Kevin T.

Binder, Suzanne Elizabeth and Craig Allen.

Parker, Wendy Sue and Mark.

Robinett, Frances Darlene and William Gene.

Griffin, Raine Paul and Kaylee Marie.

Hammond, Nicole Katherine and Claypool, Roy E.


Gradwohl, Lori L. and Troy G.

Marriage licenses


Mitchum, Stephanie Leann, 31, Vancouver, and Grossaint, Jerad Ronald, 33, Vancouver.

Fletcher, Katie LeAnne, 28, Vancouver, and Gayton, Lance Victor, 37, Vancouver.

Johnson, Chelsea Lynn, 27, Battle Ground, and Andrade, Amador, 30, Battle Ground.

Harris, Deborah Lynn, 57, Tigard, Ore., and Ward, Kenneth Haler, 57, Tigard, Ore.

Bellikka, Camille Ellen, 19, Brush Prairie, and Hallstrom, Hunter Kristian, 20, Battle Ground.

Matherly, Carolyn Deanne, 61, Vancouver, and Kirby, Dean Robert Sr., 55, Vancouver.

Kerle, Matt J., 46, Yacolt, and Peterson, Lynne Alma, 51, Woodland.

Lusk, Kevin Austin, 26, Battle Ground, and Humphrey, Arielle Lee, 26, Battle Ground.

Robbins, Marion Elise, 30, Vancouver, and Smith, Jedediah Collin, 39, Vancouver.

Smith, Kateellen Richelle, 22, Vancouver, and Richter, Dennis Adam, 26, Salem, Ore.

Guild, Rebekah Suzanne, 23, Vancouver, and Meech, Chase Anthony, 23, Vancouver.

Zheng, Qian Jun, 48, Portland, and Li, To Chung, 60, Vancouver.

Bishop, Rosemary Serena, 27, Vancouver, and Farr, Dwayne Arnold, 30, Vancouver.

Court sentencings

The Columbian’s policy is to publish all Clark County Superior Court felony sentencings, as provided by the Clark County Clerk’s Office. DC signifies that the defendant has entered drug court. Addresses are provided by the courts and may have changed by the time of sentencing. Judges: John Fairgrieve, John Hagensen, Chad Sleight, James Rulli, Robert Lewis, Darvin Zimmerman, Scott A. Collier, Greg Gonzales, Kelli Osler, Kristen Parcher, Sonya Langsdorf, Dan Stahnke, Suzan Clark, David Gregerson, Derek Vanderwood and Bernard Veljacic. Judge Protem: Terry Vetter. Court Commissioners: Todd George, Carin Schienberg, Amy Swingen, Dayann Liebman, Abbie Bartlett and Jennifer K. Snider.


Fisher, Michelle Lee, 43, transient, 48 days, 3 counts possession of controlled substance. (Collier, Nov. 29).

Flores, Daniel, 30, 17803 S.E. 19th St., 58.5 months, rape of a child. (Collier, Dec. 1).

Stinson, James Eric, 35, Hood River, 366 days, possession of methamphetamine, identity theft-2. (Collier, Nov. 29).

McKenner, John M., 35, 2900 General Anderson Ave., 90 days, possession of methamphetamine, bail jumping. (Gonzales, Nov. 30).

Carswell, Joseph J., 26, 42 months, assault-2 deadly weapon. (Gonzales, Dec. 1).

Tso, Tristan Eugene, 24, 5000 N.E. 72nd Ave., 30 days, 2 counts assault-4. (Collier, Nov. 30).

Malagon-Salinas, Emmanuel, 22, 60 months, possession of methamphetamine, possession of heroin, unlawful firearm possession-2, resisting arrest. (Collier, Nov. 29).

Downey, Robert Christopher James Raphael, 31, transient, 90 days, possession of methamphetamine. (Veljacic, Nov. 27).

McLaughlin, Dylan John, 23, 418 W. Main St., Battle Ground, 24 months, vehicle theft, 4 counts burglary-2, 3 counts theft-2. (Collier, Nov. 29).

Hudson, Samuel Walter, 27, 13217 N.E. 59th St., 45 days, possession of methamphetamine, criminal trespass-1. (Collier, Nov. 29).

Cooper, Daniel Craig, 36, transient, 90 days, possession of methamphetamine. (Collier, Nov. 29).

Thomas, John Lowel, 51, 728 E St., Washougal, 32 days, possession of methamphetamine. (Lewis, Nov. 30).

Henderson, Anthony Eugene, 32, transient, 366 days, possession of methamphetamine, dangerous weapons penalty, make/mend/use/possession of vehicle theft tool, malicious mischief. (Collier, Nov. 29).

Strain, Reece Taylor, 18, 5254 N.E. 121st St., 26 days, taking a vehicle without permission-2. (Gonzales, Dec. 1).

Gilbertson, Michelle Nicole, 29, Kalama, 45 days, possession of heroin. (Collier, Nov. 29).