Weather Eye: Unusual dry spell could mark long December stretch




Patrick Timm

It was on the chilly side Monday with a high in Vancouver of only 45 degrees. That is 3 degrees below the average of 48 degrees. The early-morning low was also chilly at 35 degrees, 1 degree below average. So now you know what we should be expecting this time of the year. I remember back in 2013, we had a low of 19 degrees on Dec. 4. Now, that is cold.

We ended up above average in the rainfall department for November with 6.50 inches, 0.59 inch above normal. The average mean temperature in Vancouver was 47.2 degrees, almost 1 degree above average. So, we could say it was somewhat of a wet, warm month.

I can tell you December is off and running on a dry note with 0.38 inch for the first few days of the month, and there is no rain in sight. I see no rain this week and perhaps no rain next week.

That would be unusual for December, which — along with November — is one of our wettest months. Let’s hope that when this weather pattern changes, we don’t go to the other extreme and get continuous downpours and flooding.

As I mentioned here the other day, we will have strong high pressure over us with warmer air aloft and colder air trapped at the surface. A cold pool of air is developing in the Columbia Basin, and that chilly air will be escaping through the Gorge and fanning out over Clark County. If you will be heading east of the Cascades, especially in Washington, expect low clouds and freezing roadways at times.

Here on the west side, clear skies are in the offing, and even the coast will be crystal clear with mild temperatures. So, expect a great week for outside activities and of course for running those Christmas errands.

Looking at high temperatures Monday, in the I-5 corridor from Bellingham to Vancouver the warmest was right here in Vancouver at 45 degrees. Only Seattle matched that. Brrr … it’s December!

Patrick Timm is a local weather specialist. His column appears Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. Reach him at