Letter: Oligarchy undermines democracy




President Jimmy Carter and former Labor Secretary Robert Reich have called this administration an oligarchy.

The cabinet, with millionaires and billionaires, meets the definition of oligarchs. The proposed tax legislation doesn’t help the majority of Americans; it will hurt millions. Cuts to the Affordable Care Act will hurt millions. I see the end of the estate tax as a Trojan horse for the oligarchs and big corporations to lead to permanent oligarchy and the end of our democracy.

The Supreme Court ruling on Citizens United, the efforts by Republicans to gerrymander, and use of new voter suppression to disenfranchise people hurts our democracy. The efforts by the Russian trolls and bots, along with the Koch brothers and Mercers and others, have effectively undermined the public’s choice.

A strong outcry against this vile legislation is needed. This is an illegitimate administration, and its disregard for the well-being of the general public, and respect for the progress of the last decades, is just further evidence of its being used by the Russians to disrupt our society. Only with an inside man to deconstruct vital democratic institutions that can set the stage for an autocrat to take power will they have what they desire.