Letter: Our democracy is failing




America fights foreign wars in the name of democracy, trying to create better governments overseas when our own democracy is failing. President Franklin D. Roosevelt created work with CCC, WPA and PWA, but capitalism and Congress have destroyed that.

Now, big corporations dominate our government, and lobbyists control Congress. Lobbyists aren’t voted in, yet they have influence. We need regulations to control the power of corporations and the top 1 percent. Taxation of the wealthy should be on the same scale as the middle class. Limits on campaign spending would help ensure a democratic process. We also need universal health care; it would be nice to enjoy the same care as Congress. Our representatives vote on their own health plans and raises.

Americans should be concerned about how our government is run, rather than climbing the social ladder. Home and rent prices are skyrocketing, forcing people out of neighborhoods. Landlords have power; the average person has none. Regulations would be helpful.

Families have been hurt by our government when both parents must work. Who guides the children? Teachers are overburdened by large numbers in classrooms. Everyone should have a safe and secure home, good health care, a loving family and food on the table every day.