Letter: Herrera Beutler not paying attention




The very bad tax bill passed by the House has been sent to the Senate, where it turned into a terrible tax bill. Next, it will be returned to the House for the rubber stamp, anticipated by House Speaker Paul Ryan to enhance his stature in the GOP, as well as being the desired stocking stuffer at the White House, replacing the misinterpreted but well-earned lump of coal.

If our representative in the House has been paying attention, as she insists she has, she knows that this bill is very unpopular in her district; that she has been chided for her vote for the first version. Soon, she will have a chance to redeem a portion of her soul that she consigned to Ryan by voting for her constituents against sending this disaster-in-the-making legislation to the disturbed resident of the White House for his Christmas cheer. That happening might well be only a moral victory for us, but coming at Christmas, might lessen the distinct feeling that we have been dissed, lied to, ignored and sold out by the person we elected to look out for us, full time, not just if the price was right.