Letter: Programs are not handouts




The Dec. 6 editorial, “In Our View — CHIPS Not a Handout,” mentioned a word too often left out of discussions about certain social programs. This is a way to negate the importance of those programs and label them as giveaways when, in fact, they are part of a larger plan to assist certain segments of our population. Republicans see these programs as entitlements when, in fact, they’re insurance programs.

Social Security insurance began as help for the elderly. Medicare created a health insurance plan for retired folks. The Children’s Health Insurance Program provides insurance to children whose families can’t afford it. We pay for Social Security and Medicare from our wages and deserve the benefits we receive.

CHIP gives kids a chance to stay healthy, helps financially stressed families and provides an alternative to using an emergency room for a primary pare appointment.

Should CHIP remain unfunded, I wonder how much of their tax cut they’ll reinvest in the working people of America.

Will Rep. Herrera Beutler hold a town hall meeting for a panel with three empty chairs?