Couple found dead in Oregon home; suicide pact suspected




PORTLAND, Ore. (AP) — Authorities say a man and a woman were found dead at a home on Bull Mountain near Portland.

Detective Robert Rookhuyzen (roke-hi-zen) of the Washington County Sheriff’s Office says evidence suggests the couple had some type of suicide agreement, though no note was found.

Concerned relatives had gone to three-story home of Lisa Malone and Leonard Forster late Wednesday.

From the bottom floor, they spoke with the couple. The relatives then heard a loud gunshot. After the shot, the couple told the family members they were fine and didn’t want to talk.

The relatives then called 911. While on the phone, they heard additional gunshots, described as muffled.

Deputies found the bodies early Thursday. Rookhuyzen says the man shot the woman and then himself.

The detective says the couple, both 48, had no record of domestic violence. He says there was evidence of heavy drug use.