Letter: Missing the ‘why’ of the story




The Feb. 5 story “Cold heats up homeless debate” was missing some very important information. The story did not state why Brian Moore, age 35, was homeless. Moore said that he has been homeless on and off for three years. Why?

To help me and others understand, the fifth “W” of reporting needs to be included. Why is Moore homeless? What is his real story and background? Does he have a disability? Is it drugs, alcohol or a habit that has led to his homelessness? Or is it a pattern of poor choices?

A Columbian story several months ago told about a woman who was trying to support herself and children with a minimum-wage job in Milwaukie, Ore., while living in Vancouver. That makes no sense at all, with many minimum-wage jobs available right here in Vancouver.

While we are not supposed to tell the homeless what to do, or judge them, it is time that we did so that the circle of poor choices can be broken.

In future stories, please include the “why” and investigate each story for the truth.