Vancouver, Clark County ask for help locating potholes

In wake of winter storm, officials eager to find, fill them as soon as possible

By Jake Thomas, Columbian staff writer



The snow and the ice left over from the winter storm may be mostly a memory, but the thaw has left an increase in potholes on stretches of pavement that local governments are looking for help in finding.

Both the city of Vancouver and Clark County are asking people to report potholes so they can be filled.

People who spot potholes in Vancouver can call the city’s operations center at 360-487-8177. Those who call after hours to report potholes can follow prompts to leave a message with an answering service.

Another option is the MyVancouver app, which can be found at The app can be used to enter the locations of potholes. Users also have the option of entering the descriptions and photos of potholes. The city encourages people reporting more urgent issues to call the operations center.

“After virtually any winter storm, we see an uptick in potholes and other pavement damage as frozen roadways thaw,” Clark County Public Works spokesman Jeff Mize wrote in an email.

If someone spots a pothole on a county road, they can similarly be reported by calling Clark County Public Works at 360-397-2446 or submitting a request for service at

If you’re not sure if a street is in the city or county, a map of Vancouver’s borders can be found at:

Potholes are created when snow and ice seep through cracks in the pavement. The moisture freezes and expands but melts when the temperature rises, leaving a gap between the pavement and the surface underneath.

The weakened pavement cracks and crumbles over those gaps as vehicles travel over them, giving birth to potholes.

Both the city of Vancouver and Clark County fill potholes as a part of routine street maintenance.