Letter: Herrera Beutler is doing fine




Every two years, approximately three months prior to elections, letters appear almost daily, informing us that Congresswoman Jaime Herrera Beutler isn’t effective.

Michael Carmichael’s Jan. 16 letter, “Herrera Beutler is not effective,” follows the same line except the letter is either five months old, for the 2016 election, or 18 months early.

The letter points out the same old stuff: She follows the Republican political agenda. (What a surprise. Does Nancy Pelosi follow the Democratic agenda?) She is not often in Washington D.C. (How often is not often enough?) She is not available to most people in her district. (Is there a line of people wanting to see her?) She restricts access to small groups and gatherings of supporters. (I read that she recently met with a large group of supporters and non-supporters.)

Carmichael’s letter did deviate from the norm by pointing out the effect the repeal of the ACA could have on her daughter’s illness and pre-existing conditions. I thank him for his altruism but I would think she is probably aware of that situation.

One can gauge the effectiveness of the Democrat letter-writing campaign by noting her 62 percent vote share in the November election. It seems that a large majority of the folks in the district are just fine with the congresswoman’s effectiveness.