Letter: Germans make quality products




Recently, most big nations met to discuss improving trade. One of the subtopics was imbalance of trade from one nation to another. Ideally, trade should always be imbalanced between or among different nations.

In theory, when international trade flows freely, consumers can buy better goods cheaper, so exports and their products also benefit.

During this meeting, President Trump exploded in one of his usual tirades because the German trade imbalance was always positive. This meant that Germany always exported more than they imported. This balance of trade is positive because Germans tend to make quality goods. For example, many like German cars such as Mercedes, BMW, Audi and Volkswagen. Big trucks made by a German company lead in sales. Germans make a lot of high-tech equipment to support the medical industry.

In addition, Germans make good beer — Bavarian beer, especially. About four years ago, when I turned 90, the doctor said to cut back on my beer drinking. I did, and life has never been as satisfying since.