Letter: Health care: Watch what you ask for




I believe people should be given what they’re sure they really want. The Democrats should back Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s health care bill. The country didn’t like Obamacare? So give ’em Trumpcare, good and hard.

Evidently, people didn’t adore Obamacare’s mandate forcing the purchase of insurance. Just who did they think would pony up the money for their care if and when they themselves got sick? Santa Claus?

Such generosity must not go unrewarded.

Obamacare faltered because conservatives starved the insurance companies of reimbursement funds specifically set aside for the purpose, because it never truly forced universal enrollment, and because neither government nor insurers have set reasonable price caps for health services and drugs, unlike the civilized countries.

Truth be told, conservatives wanted to repeal Obamacare in order to give the wealthy that fat tax break. Besides, it allows them to say to America’s godly, “See? We’re defunding Planned Parenthood. Now all those poor babies that you don’t want to pay for can be born!”

Deny ’em abortion, go to Heaven; deny ’em health care — “Meh.”

So yes, pretty please, let’s by all means give The People what they’ve been yowling for (quick, before midterms). It’ll be the most powerful medicine they ever take.