You voted: Question about marijuana taxes wins

By John Hill, Columbian Metro Team Editor



What happens to the tax money that is generated in Clark County from marijuana sales?

That’s the winning question in our latest voting round in our Clark Asks feature in which we ask you for questions you’d like us to try to answer.

With 41 percent of the vote last week, readers indicated they want us to find out where the tax revenues go that the state distributes to jurisdictions in Clark County where marijuana is sold.

The runner-up with 35 percent of the vote asked: Why are the green spaces in the center of the roads and along sidewalks not maintained? Who should maintain these?

In third with 24 percent of the vote, readers selected: My great uncle died in a fire in July 1944 at Hudson House in Clark County. I wonder if you have any information regarding this fire?

Expect to see a story in the near future answering the winning Clark Asks question.

Remember, coming in second or third place in voting does not mean we won’t report on the other two questions, which both have strong reader interest. It just means this story gets top priority.

Also, don’t forget that you can still submit questions of your own at You can also see some of the questions others have shared and the stories we’ve so far written as part of our Clark Asks efforts.

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