Letter: Where is U.S. headed?




Regarding Jay Ambrose’s column of July 4, “Trump is right to reject Obama’s approach to Cuba,” I do not disagree with him, but I find it interesting that his own words speak for themselves.

“The good health care goes mostly to those with money and political power.”

(Obama’s deal) “is trade with the Cuban government, those of high rank and with a further empowered military. There is little or no trickle down. …”

(Regarding Castro himself) “After all, he leads the good life, doesn’t he?”

“How about easing up the oppression generally, you know, with real free speech? And how about the trade being general, something that also goes into the pockets of entrepreneurs and their workers?”

“These self-adulating thugs took a country with one of the noblest records in Latin America and converted it … ”

As our new Supreme Court starts blurring the lines between church and state (though hiding it under the explosion of coverage regarding the travel ban), once again Ambrose’s words ring true.

“Much of the education is sheer propaganda.”

We in the USA are headed — where? Where are we headed?