Pooch-worthy programs catching on

Dog TV keeps pups entertained while people are away




Despite colorblindness and no thumbs to work the remote, Seattle-area pups are becoming couch potatoes, according to viewership data released by Dog TV, a network that creates programing for dogs.

Seattle ranks fifth among viewership for the network that claims its programing is entertaining and educational for dogs. The network’s programing is designed to help dogs combat boredom, stress, separation anxiety and hyperactivity. Dogs can see only blue and yellow but not red and green so the network emphasizes certain colors.

Dog TV’s highest rated show is “Noise Phobia,” which slowly introduces noises and scenarios that might be phobias for dogs.

“Dogs like watching video of other dogs in action, dog-human interactions, and environments they enjoy like fields, beaches and urban landscapes,” said Nicholas Dodman, the network’s chief scientist.

Los Angeles topped the list of cities with the most Dog TV viewers. It was followed by New York, Houston and Chicago.

Dog TV is available through Comcast, DirecTV and a variety of streaming services.