Letter: Trump is an embarrassment




A front-page Columbian headline on July 8 read “Putin denies interfering in election.” Does anybody really believe he was going to offer up a confession of guilt on a major world stage? If you do, I have beachfront property in Pullman I’d like to sell you.

Russian President Vladimir Putin and our current president are classic liars. They’d lie even if the truth sounded better. Both men have reached the pinnacle of world leadership because they have lied and were willing to do it to get where they are today. That’s reality.

We need to filter through these lies and hope more intelligent and persistent people will get to the bottom of the election interference issue and make the guilty people accountable for their actions. Until then, we’ll have to deal with our president, who embarrasses us in front of the world with childish rants on Twitter on a daily basis and continues to isolate us from our closest allies. He needs to be impeached soon because I don’t think we can afford to wait until the next election.