Letter: Time to discuss important issues




Neither of the political parties is debating single-payer/Medicare for all. Neither party is seriously debating flat-tax ideas. I feel, also, that neither party will honestly talk about Social Security.

Health care with dignity is what most of us want. We want a fair tax system, not one where folks are allowed to have tax shelters. We want a Social Security system that will be there, as voted on and promised — one that young people believe will be there for them.

Democrats do not outwardly support Medicare for all. Republicans don’t want government-controlled health care. Both parties have had serious creative ideas for about nine years. Yet, we’re divided approximately 50-50 as a country. I believe we’re still divided because we are not taking about the real issue.

Our political representatives are paid professionals. They distract, avoid, and create division without talking about the obvious — specifically: Health care, flat-tax initiatives and failing Social Security. These are important to me and they rarely surface to the top for a national debate.