Rotary awards $88,000 in scholarships




Esther Short — The Vancouver Rotary Foundation awarded $88,000 in college scholarships to 22 Southwest Washington high school and college students.

The scholarships are granted by the Vancouver Rotary Foundation, the charitable arm of the Rotary Club of Vancouver, and are made possible through endowments established by individuals and fundraising club members.

The scholarship winners, who will attend a variety of schools in the area, are: Trisha Beavers, Brenda Contreras Munoz, Marissa Valencia-Mendez, Zaleayah Blancas, Maddison Durr, Ellie Johnson, Joshua Holtz, Jonathan Dutson, Kristen Hall, Matilda Jakovac, Michaela Higgison, Emanuel Gales, Lauren Arave, Samantha Minter, Kaysee Warren, Leland Bennion, Navaraj Lamichhane, Mary Wiedrich, Alexis Crow, Haley Diment, Ayden Hackett and Elizabeth Rupp.

In 44 years, the foundation has awarded more than $1.4 million in scholarships to local students.