Washington State University says personal data stolen





WSU safe with personal data inside stolen

Personal data for roughly 1 million people has been compromised in a burglary in Olympia earlier this year.

Washington State University researchers had stored the data on a hard drive and locked it in a safe in a storage facility.

The Spokesman-Review reported the data came from public agencies, including school districts and community colleges.

The newspaper reported Thursday that it is not clear precisely when the safe was stolen, or if the burglar knew what was inside.

WSU’s Social and Economic Sciences Research Center specializes in statistical analysis and often is hired to study topics like academic success and employment rates.

Its clients include the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the Census Bureau, the Washington Legislature, the University of Idaho, and the school districts in Wenatchee and Moscow, Idaho.

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Gray wolf trapped, collared, released

Officials said state and federal wildlife agencies trapped, collared and released what is believed to be an adult male gray wolf east of Burlington near Marblemount.

The Skagit Valley Herald reported Wednesday agencies trapped the wolf last week after reports of wolf tracks, howling and chickens attacked.

State Department of Fish & Wildlife spokesman Craig Bartlett said it’s the first time a gray wolf has been caught and fitted with a GPS collar in Western Washington.

Bartlett said the clearest previous indication of wolves moving west of the Cascades was in April 2015 when a wolf was hit by a vehicle and died on Interstate 90.

The gray wolf population has grown in Eastern Washington in the past decade, but there are no known packs in Western Washington.

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Rogue college evacuated after threat

Officials evacuated the Medford branch of Rogue Community College because of a threat against a faculty member.

College spokesman Grant Walker told the Mail Tribune the employee received a “credible written threat” early Thursday afternoon. School officials closed the campus for the rest of the day as a precaution.

The threat mentioned the 2015 massacre at Umpqua Community College, when a 26-year-old gunman fatally shot nine people before killing himself.

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OSU study: Students using marijuana more

A study by Oregon State University researchers has found college students at an undisclosed large public university in the state are using more marijuana since recreational pot became legal two years ago.

The Register-Guard reported the researchers’ study was published Wednesday in a journal called Addiction. The study found increased use is mainly by students who are binge alcohol drinkers and by students who are under the legal pot consumption age of 21.

OSU researchers also found increases at six out of seven universities around the country. But the unnamed Oregon university rose above the others with the highest increase.

Data for the study came from 10,924 undergraduate students ages 18 to 26. The researchers also used existing data, previously collected by the University of Michigan.