Dads kick back as families enjoy Father’s Day at Woodland’s annual festival

Making a Fathers Day story out of the stand-up paddle boarding and other activities at the Woodland Planters Days.

By Andy Matarrese, Columbian Breaking News Reporter



WOODLAND — Michael Dribin, with Horseshoe Paddlesports, helped pull Dan and Amanda Newbold back to shore Sunday after the two took their 2-year-old, Penelope, out on Woodland’s Horseshoe Lake.

Sunday was Dan’s third Father’s Day, and he said he’s getting spoiled.

“We went to the zoo yesterday for my Father’s Day,” he said, though they were “technically” out at the lake for Penelope’s dad’s Father’s Day.

“Every day is Father’s Day,” Amanda interjected.

The three paddled around the lake chasing ducks, and Penelope loved it, they said.

After finishing at the lake, Dan said the plan was to head home, cook something on the grill and relax ahead of work Monday.

Dribin said the rental business is out at Horseshoe Lake renting paddle boats and canoes for most summer weekends, but between Woodland Planters Day and Father’s Day, things were especially busy.

“We were slammed yesterday,” he said, adding while the Father’s Day’s traffic was a bit lighter, enough sons and daughters were heading out to the lake with their dads he was close to calling his boss to bring out another paddle boat.

Sunday was 4-year-old Caroline’s first year at Planters Days, dad Brian Moore said. Brian and Caroline had just paddled their canoe back to shore, behind his 6-year-old son, Dayton.

Playing on the water for Planters Day has become a bit of an informal tradition in his family, Brian said.

“This is our third year doing it and we’ll definitely do it next year,” he said, though not always as a Father’s Day thing. “It’s kind of the start of summer, that’s for sure.”

His wife’s a huge fan, he said, and while he grew up in Alaska, he’s taken to it as well.

Between helping Caroline with her wet and sandy shoes, and noting how his mom might not approve of Dayton hopping back into the lake with his shoes on, Brian said the plan for the rest of the day was to head home and take an evening hike in the woods near their home outside of Woodland.

“Good times,” he said.

For those out of the water for Woodland’s Planters Days, now in its 95th year, the event offered a car show, carnival, talent show and its famous frog jump competition.

Many others, like Ridgefield’s Victor Moore and his twin 8-year-olds, Wyatt and Brody, split the difference and stuck to the bank to try some fishing.

“It’s only like the third time they’ve ever been, so we’re just goofing off,” Victor said. “We just moved up here a year ago, so I’m just really getting back into the fishing thing.”

They made the plan last night, and after breakfast Sunday headed to Woodland.

“We’re just going to fish a little bit and go to the fair, so they can play,” he said.

Wyatt had a few bites, and brought a small one in, but Victor said they haven’t had much luck beyond that.

“We plan on doing a lot more of this. A lot more fishing,” Victor said.

The boys nodded.

School’s out soon, Brody noted excitedly.

“Tomorrow’s our last day.”