Letter: Congress can set an example




The terrible shooting of Republicans practicing for a charity baseball game is a tragedy. People get way too upset over differences of religion and politics. We have to learn how to disagree without becoming violent.

I suggest we try working together more often. We need to listen to news from more than one network, talk to people who have different opinions, share a meal with someone from a different religion or different skin color. Instead of labeling one another, we need to listen to each other.

Maybe the Democrats and Republicans could start modeling this for us. How about they continue staging these baseball games, but instead of teams that pit Republicans against Democrats, the team would consist of a mix of people from each party. Then every week, after they argue all day in Congress, they can get out in the field, in the fresh air, and work together as teammates. What friendships may be sparked? What misunderstandings might be solved? What bridges might be spanned? What miracles might manifest?

Pass this along to your representatives in Congress if you think this is a good idea.