Letter: Income tax is financial solution




This letter presents an argument in favor of the Legislature passing a bill that would lead to the state of Washington adopting a progressive state income tax. I believe this would require a change in the State Constitution. This is part of the Transition 2030 research project and the research completed has a website: www.future4washington.com.

In November 2002, The Washington State Tax Structure Study Committee completed a definitive study and published a report. This report is available on the internet today. Appendix H of this report provides this committee’s recommendations. They recommended that the state of Washington adopt either a flat rate or graduated (progressive) state income tax. The chair of this committee was William Gates Sr.

Real financial solutions are needed and not more and more special sessions. A graduated or progressive state income tax is a real financial solution and experts on the Washington State Tax Structure Study Committee who studied the subject recommended it in 2002.