Letter: Keep it real, responsible, respectful




Wake up, America! While we were napping, the establishment and the news media have been stealthily silencing the voice of reasonable citizens. Deeply entrenched foreign and domestic power brokers in Washington, D.C., are swiftly robbing us of our money, our liberty and the country we, our parents and grandparents serve and fight to protect and enjoy.

It’s time we openly reject the never-ending stream of television news propaganda and insist that anonymous-source journalism cease. We must vote in politicians who actually know what’s right for Americans — whether rich, middle class or poor.

Read up, America! From knowledge, liberty springs. Read widely, yet with discernment. Scrutinize popular thought and ideologies, considering that which is morally and socially acceptable. Carefully examine everything that’s significant to ours and our neighbor’s way of life and begin spine-building — actively participate in our democracy!

Speak up, America! Attend town halls and listening sessions. Write sensible letters and emails to elected leaders. Let’s keep our social media activity for friendly contact with those we love and avoid promoting prevalent political “sludge” and hate-filled posts. Peaceful protest is each citizen’s constitutional right, complemented by the three “R’s” of public expression — keep it real, responsible and respectful.