Morning Press: Father’s Day hole-in-one; Golden Corral; Michael Jordan Steak House




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Here are some of the stories that grabbed our readers’ attention this weekend.

Once-in-a-lifetime golf shot brings sense of peace to grieving father

Today was supposed to be the first Father’s Day Jonas Lail celebrated with his infant son, Hudson.

Fate had other plans. Hudson died on June 1.

Today will be a poignant and somber day for Jonas and his wife, Amber. But the grief of losing their first child will be tempered by an experience Jonas had five days after Hudson’s death.

On a sunny Tuesday afternoon at Royal Oaks Country Club, Lail hit a once-in-a-lifetime shot. His hole-in-one on the 16th hole was remarkable not just because Lail hadn’t played golf in nine months.

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Energy efficiency, automation going mainstream in Clark County’s housing

BRUSH PRAIRIE — Urban Oaks, a subdivision near Prairie High School, springs out from the fields. Its more than 100 homes are new, sleek and modern; but their most important trait may be that they are being purchased.

They are energy-efficient homes. Most don’t show the telltale solar panels on the roof, but they are built airtight and are primed for all sorts of energy savings. Developer Troy Johns said it only seemed recently that buyers started showing interest in these features.

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C-Tran expands youth bus program

C-Tran is poised to expand its free student bus pass program to all students in the Vancouver and Evergreen school districts.

At last Tuesday’s board meeting, the C-Tran board voted 5 to 4 to extend the Youth Opportunity Pass — previously targeted at low-income students — to all middle and high school students in Clark County’s largest districts. The passes, which come in the form of small stickers affixed to a student’s school identification card, guarantee them yearlong free ridership and access to Marshall and Firstenburg Community Centers.

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Feast your eyes on Golden Corral, Vancouver

Rejoice, Clark County. You’re getting a new buffet after all.

Golden Corral, a North Carolina-based chain of buffet restaurants, broke ground this week on a new location in the North Image neighborhood. Like other buffets, it charges all-you-can eat prices for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

It is the first Golden Corral in the Vancouver-Portland metropolitan area, despite the chain having close to 500 locations across the country. 

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Casino’s Michael Jordan’s Steak House a slam dunk

The new Ilani Casino Resort houses a fair selection of dining options. One of those is the Michael Jordan’s Steak House, know for its “steakmanship.” At MJ’s, the goal is to elevate the classic steakhouse experience to the Michael Jordan level. The steak selection is made up of hand-selected steaks from grass-fed to 45-day, dry-aged USDA Prime. In addition, the bar includes a top-shelf selection to accompany the restaurant’s finer food choices.

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