Weather Eye: Colder than normal conditions could spell snow days




Patrick Timm

Well, November sure got off to a cold start weather-wise, at least for most of western Washington. Snow fell Thursday in Bellingham and a few inches were on the ground early Friday morning. At one time Thursday night, they had a northeast wind blowing down the Fraser River Canyon of 40 mph, 32 degrees and moderate snow. Winter!

Clark County was lucky if you don’t like snow, as the coldest air stopped moving southward at about Chehalis. It snowed off and on most of the day Friday in Olympia, and even Seattle got in on the fun, causing flight delays at Sea-Tac Airport.

Looking at forecast models and trends over the next two weeks, it appears cold air will be building in Canada and that always poses a threat for lowland snow. Right now, we have lingering showers from yet another cold weather system that dropped southward along the B.C. coastline. This was forecast to bring snow down to the higher foothills in the county and in the Coast Range.

We get a break Tuesday and perhaps Wednesday before another storm rolls inland with rain and mountain snow. Snow levels will be higher with this front, but we’ll still keep a keen weather eye on conditions farther north this month.

These chilly conditions were predicted by the National Climate Center when they issued their winter outlook, keeping the Pacific Northwest much colder than normal this fall and winter. We will see if the trend continues. If so, we’ll enjoy a great mountain snowpack and maybe throw in a few snow days locally for the school children.