Two followed, windshield broken in Five Corners area

By Andy Matarrese, Columbian Breaking News Reporter



Two people told police they were followed, then had their front windshield smashed in, by an apparent stranger Tuesday night in the Five Corners area.

Clark County sheriff’s deputies were called to the 9900 block of Northeast 74th Street, for a call of an assault with a weapon shortly before 10 p.m.

Sheriff’s Sgt. Robert Latter said two men told deputies an unfamiliar vehicle started following them that night.

They pulled into a driveway, and the woman driving the other car stopped with them. A man wielding a shotgun got out of the passenger seat of the following car, the two victims told deputies.

Latter said the man got out of a gray Nissan Maxima sedan, racked a shell, pointed it at the two in the car and broke their front windshield.

Latter said the two victims told investigators they didn’t know either person.

At one point, one of the victims was able to get inside the house, Latter said. He returned outside with a firearm, and that’s when the assailants left.

Before leaving, the man with a shotgun attempted to strike one of the victims with the butt of his gun, but missed. No one was hurt, Latter said.

Deputies found two discarded shotgun shells at the scene, Latter said.


Correction appended: The article originally misidentified the make and model of the reported assailants’ car.