Letter: Herrera Beutler doesn’t earn support




On Nov. 3, (Our Readers’ Views) two writers both said the truth about our congressional representative, Jaime Herrera Beutler, although the authors disagreed whether she should be re-elected.

Ron McKnight of Camas reminds us that she performs many services concerning citizens’ needs, which is true; however, this is a tactic to distract us from her primary goals of getting re-elected by getting financial support from the billionaire class.

Robert Poole of Vancouver reminds us that she and her office staff are keeping their distance from us, her constituents, by refusing to meet or to answer inquiries beyond specific local requests. This is my experience also.

Her true alliances are illustrated by her refusal to respond to inquiries about support for the GOP tax plan, which The Columbian reported as giving $1.5 trillion to corporations by lowering rates and abolishing the alternate minimum tax, and $867 billion to individual wealthy citizens by abolishing the AMT and the estate tax.

I believe that most of us will not pass on an estate worth more than $11 million, nor are we affected by the AMT because our tax deductions are not creative. So if you have an estate over $11 million and have to pay AMT, please support her. Otherwise consider a less elite alternative.