Letter: Heck offers reason for hope




Recent interviews on national television of Congressman Denny Heck, our native son, should give all citizens, not only in Washington state where he represents his constituency with enthusiasm and respect, but across the nation, a glimmer of hope for the future of our great country.

His superb intelligence and stellar qualities of leadership did not start when he became a fast-rising congressman from the new 10th Congressional District. It started when he was at Columbia River High School and in Washington state government.

As a teacher, past legislative colleague and dearest of friends, I am proud to remind your readers of Denny’s leadership successes: Majority leader in the House of Representatives; chair of K-12 education, which successfully responded to Judge Robert Doran’s ruling to reform K-12 funding; chief clerk of the House of Representatives; chief of staff to Gov. Booth Gardner; and with an associate designed, promoted and secured the funding for the most important venue to inform our citizens of the workings of their government, TV Washington, Channel 22.

In my estimation, TV Washington has and will have a lasting and positive educational and enlightenment value in perpetuity for millions of our citizens.

To follow Denny’s progress, his website is: dennyheck.house.gov.