Letter: Help the planet, plant a tree




About 30 percent of the total land area of our earth is covered with trees, and increasing that figure by a mere 1 or 2 percent would enormously improve the condition of our environment. Through the process of photosynthesis, trees “take in” carbon dioxide and “exhale” oxygen. If anyone is really serious about doing a favor for our environment, and hopefully just about everyone is, then planting a tree ranks right up there as a genuine improver of the ecosystem in which all of us live.

It is obvious that our current administration cares only about extracting resources from our national environment, while at the same time it takes absolutely no heed of voices that advocate adding positively to that same environment. Obviously a course of action that takes endlessly from a finite supply of resources is a recipe for catastrophe. As monumentally large as earth’s supply of usable resources truly is — it is gargantuan — it is also true that taking from that same supply of resources endlessly is a recipe for total extinction.

So instead of cursing our president, which alters nothing for the better, we would do very well to plant trees at every available opportunity.