Letter: Beer analogy falls flat




What Sarah Huckabee Sanders and her apologist, Debra J. Saunders (“Republican tax cuts will have some crying in their beer,” Nov. 14) don’t want to understand is that there’s no proprietor arbitrarily deciding to cut the price of the bar tab. The beers for the crowd still cost $100.

However, a committee representing the highest-paid customer decided to reduce that person’s tab by $10 and also cut the prices charged to some other well-paid customers. To pay for the price cut, the committee wants to charge the lower-paid customers more for their beers and make up any difference by charging it to a credit card. Until all of us pay off that credit card, it’s going to be subject to compound interest.

Saunders says this is all good because the better-paid customers will be so grateful for saving money on their beers that they’ll let those savings trickle down to hire more bartenders and spruce up the bar. Now, if she really believes that, I know of an aged bridge between Washington and Oregon she might consider buying.