Letter: Trump inflicts chaos, damage




Watching the growing list of organizations who Russia paid large amounts of money to in order to affect the presidential election of 2016, one has to wonder why the Russians wanted Trump to win rather than Clinton.

After watching President Trump for the last nine months, it’s becoming more apparent why Russia preferred him. From his deranged attitude on global warming; immigration; the wall; antagonizing racial strife, North Korea and Iran; more national debt; reducing health care; insulting our allies; bullying; daily tantrums; a huge ego; mindless texting and endless lies, it is logical to assume Russia saw the potential of a person who just might inflict significant damage to the United States without them firing a single shot. It appears to be working since Trump is in the process of inflicting more chaos than most nations would do to us in an actual conflict.

To avoid another three years of President Trump’s demonstrated flip-flops and incompetence, it might be wise if we suggested to our elected representatives to consider initiating impeachment action as soon as possible.