Letter: Ways to make America great




Forget political parties for a moment. If we want a “great” nation, the following things must happen.

1. Set absolute and low limits on the amount of money that can be contributed and spent on election campaigns.

2. Prohibit lobbyists from contributing to a member of Congress outside of those low limits. Make all contributions totally transparent to the public.

3. Restore absolute fidelity to the lines of congressional districts based on general population and geography. Gerrymandering must be outlawed.

4. End the antiquated Electoral College system allowing the vote of a person from a low-population state to count 10-1 over that of a person living in more densely populated areas.

5. Develop a “brain-trust” committee of scholars, the best and brightest, empowered to develop a revised tax system that levels the playing field for everyone

6. Put a stop to fraud and unfathomable losses in HUD, DOD, Medicare and Medicaid.

7. Implement a health care system that provides care for persons of all income levels that will not bankrupt people because of catastrophic illnesses.

8. Take the threat of global climate changes seriously, join with scientists of all nations in finding ways to save the planet.