Letter: NRA needs to be defanged




We do not exist in the Wild West mentality whose idea of gun control was “shoot first and ask questions later.” I hope this irony is committed to memory when our present gun culture tries to justify that being armed to the teeth is normal. An AK-47 is not a hunting rifle.

The NRA needs to be defanged, and responsible gun owners need to set an example of compliance with safe gun ownership. People all over the world think we are insane to the point of not wanting to visit our country. Gun owners by their own volition need to turn in firearms that are not used for hunting and home protection like they did in Australia, and become responsible for the safety of all Americans who don’t feel compelled by the fear factor “gun madness.”

“You have to confiscate this gun from my cold dead hands” doesn’t equate anymore. If gun owners are perplexed, may I recommend Gun Owners Anonymous as a remedy.