Letter: Fossil fuels help save lives




In my opinion, the success of the recent rescue, recovery and restoration efforts that occurred after our recent hurricane disasters can be attributed to one commodity: fossil fuels.

Think about it, if it wasn’t for gasoline-powered motor boats and cars, diesel-powered trucks, trains and container ships and jet fuel-powered airplanes, people impacted by the hurricanes in Texas and Florida would still be in a world of hurt.

The tens of thousands of hurricane-caused homeless and flooded-out victims weren’t looking for, or counting on, pedal power, electric-powered cars or sail boats to get them to safety after flooding, and get them the food, water and power they desperately needed to get their lives in order. They depended on engines powered by fossil fuels and electrical power generated by fossil fuel-fired power plants to bring some sense of normalcy back to their lives.

So, the next time our environmental zealots from Portland and Southwest Washington protest, thrash and trash our oil and coal trains, the need for coal export terminals and the need for regional natural gas pipelines, just think abut what your life would be like without the fossil fuels we all depend on for virtually everything in life. Fossil fuels helped save lives!