Woman accused of robbery, motor vehicle theft

By Jessica Prokop, Columbian Courts Reporter



A homeless woman accused of attacking two women in the parking lot of Legacy Salmon Creek Medical Center and trying to steal their purses and vehicles made a first appearance Tuesday in Clark County Superior Court.

Andrea K. Sablan, 37, appeared on suspicion of first-degree robbery and theft of a motor vehicle in connection with the Monday evening incident.

Clark County sheriff’s deputies responded at about 6:30 p.m. to the hospital at 2211 N.E. 139th St., for a reported robbery. One of the victims, Dawn Chapman, called 911 to report that a woman, later identified by officers as Sablan, attacked her and a co-worker, Earlydawn Hopkins, in the parking lot, according to an affidavit of probable cause.

Chapman said she was sitting in her running vehicle when Sablan opened the driver’s side door and told her to get out. Chapman refused, rolled down her passenger’s side window and shouted for help at Hopkins, who was sitting in her vehicle nearby, the affidavit states.

Sablan then reached across Chapman and grabbed her purse. Hopkins was already out of her vehicle, however, and reached through Chapman’s passenger’s side window to stop Sablan from taking the purse. They struggled a bit before Sablan let go, court records said.

Hopkins came around to the driver’s side of Chapman’s vehicle and struggled with Sablan, who kicked her in the groin and bit her right palm. Sablan ran to Hopkins’ running vehicle and started to back out of the parking spot. Hopkins reached in through the driver’s side window and shut off the car, according to court documents.

Hopkins tried to wrestle Sablan out of her vehicle, but Sablan climbed over to the passenger’s seat and kicked Hopkins in the chest. She then got out, stole Hopkins’ purse and ran out of the parking lot, the affidavit states.

However, Sablan left her own purse at the scene with her identification, court records said. Deputies later located Sablan about a block away from the hospital.

On Tuesday, Judge Bernard Veljacic set Sablan’s bail at $75,000. She will be arraigned Oct. 19.