Letter: Hollywood shares the blame




After each horrible loss of life by guns, there is a lot of finger pointing, except when it is loss of life that could be prevented.

However, there is only one industry in this country that promotes gun violence and unsafe gun practices every day. That industry is Hollywood. And Hollywood is effective. Almost every mass shooter copies the actions they have witnessed constantly throughout their lives on television and the movies. So the next time you see another awards show like the Emmys or the Oscars, remember what they are getting awards for doing.

As for the loss of life that could be prevented, we know how to reduce gun violence. It has been done in New York and Los Angeles. The know-it-alls on gun safety never mention those success stories. And those in charge in America’s centers for gun violence, like Chicago and Baltimore, will not implement strategies that are proven to save lives. The grandstanding politicians who love to point fingers never have and never will call for the measures that have proven effective.