Letter: Monumental mistake




Take something off the Clark County Heritage Register? Unless you have H.G. Wells’ time machine, our history isn’t going to change. Removing a monument won’t change it.

I am a great believer in the United States of America and all of its history. I’m ashamed that our schools don’t teach American history. Every educator, from first grade though university graduation, should require students to understand how we’ve arrived at this place in time — what our founding fathers worked and died for is what created the freedom we enjoy today. Read the Declaration of Independence, the second Constitution, the Bill of Rights and take on the Federalist Papers. Understand those documents, then read the biographies of our presidents. Learn how this great nation came to be, evolved and is still evolving.

Good or bad, our nation’s forefathers fought a Civil War, North against South, brother against brother. No matter our ancestors’ beliefs — what happened, happened, and removing a monument about our past, our history, our heritage, isn’t going to change that. The Ridgefield City Council should open up the history books and find out where they came from. They might be impressed about how hard it was to get here from there.