Police looking for owner of lost cash

By Adam Littman, Columbian Staff Writer



Lost a large amount of cash recently? The Vancouver Police Department could be looking for you.

Police took a report of found property on Sept. 14 at a grocery warehouse location in Vancouver for a “large amount of cash” that was located in the store and has yet to be claimed.

The Vancouver Police Department evidence unit is hoping to find the rightful owner. Kim Kapp, spokeswoman for the Vancouver Police Department, said the department is being purposefully vague with details, not giving out the exact store location where the cash was found or how much was there, as anyone who claims it will be required to provide specific information regarding the money.

“If it’s property, there’s a little bit more description, but anyone can describe cash,” Kapp said. “We try to keep some of the details more private (for cash). Obviously, if someone lost that amount, they would miss it. It was a large enough amount to be missed.”

The rightful owner can contact the Vancouver Police Evidence Unit at 360-487-7404.

Kapp said that when the evidence unit takes in any property, they look at recent police reports to see if anyone reported the property missing. They haven’t had reports of someone looking for the money, so they decided to turn to the public.

“We’ve done all we can do,” Kapp said. “It hasn’t been reported. We’re hoping to have someone come forward.”

Found property has to be kept 60 days, and someone wishing to claim it has 90 days to do so, according to Kapp. It the money is unclaimed, it will be deposited into the Police Pension Fund.