Letter: Options should be kept open




Elia Warren, in her letter “Talk — and listen — about abortion” (Sept. 23, The Columbian, Our Readers’ Views), asks people to stop and talk to a group of people who are standing and praying outside an abortion clinic. Do they really want to talk and listen to both sides of the issue? I doubt it.

The ideal would be to have centers where women could go to learn about all the options that are available to a woman facing an unwanted pregnancy. They would be able to learn about adoption, abortion, and programs that would offer support if they kept the baby. The counselors would be there to offer information, not support a particular agenda.

If different organizations provided information on different options, they would respect and not try to undermine other choices. I doubt that the people who call themselves pro-life would support this kind of center. They don’t want women to consider all the options. In any case, congregating en masse in front of an abortion center is not the way to present another option. I have no interest whatsoever in talking to this group about this issue.