Letter: Wrong place, wrong time to protest




In response to Brad Lasher’s letter, “The right to kneel” (Oct. 16, Our Readers’ Views), I think he and most of the others defending the right to disagree are missing the point of those of us who object to the “take a knee” thing. And that is, we accept their right to object, however before a football game, during the national anthem, is not the time nor the place to do it.

They are getting paid, quite handsomely, to play football — period. Where else could they work and do something that offends a large group of their customers and not get fired for it? That’s exactly what it is, and if NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and the owners had any guts, they would have stopped it right at the start.

I love football, but I will not watch another NFL game until they get their act together.