Letter: Peacemakers wanted




Peacemakers are desperately needed in the Opinions section of The Columbian, on the street and in private and public places worldwide. Peacemaker qualifications include: Candidate must put others first, must take responsibility for his/her speech and actions, must not demand his/her own way and ultimately respect the God-given rights of others.

A peacemaker must also accept others as they are — no matter their beliefs, inherent differences or status in society and show no preference for one group of people over another. Peacemakers will not give expression to hatred, promote or commit violence against others, nor will he/she advocate anarchy nor demonstrate disrespect for authority or for those whose job it is to uphold the law and protect others from acts of lawlessness.

The life of a peacemaker will include:

Occupational hazards: Long hours, exhaustion, suspicion and target for dissention and/or hate from those who live beneath the high standards covered above.

Remuneration and benefits (individual and collective): More peaceful communities, the satisfaction of a job well done, the smiles and respect and an occasional “thank you” from appreciative recipients and observers.

So, if you’re decidedly a candidate for a career in peacemaking, make an application today!