The Just Luckies don’t care what little bands are supposed to do




“We get a lot of musical advice that is like, ‘Little bands like you don’t release full-length albums. Little bands like you should put out five songs,’ ” said KC Weldon, founder of the rock group The Just Luckies. “But I guess that’s not really our style. We go all the way, always.”

That group ethos has been the modus operandi of the band (which includes Shea Briggs, Noam Greene and Lucy Diavolo) from the beginning. Weldon founded the group after a series of condescending, patronizing encounters in a previous band.

“I was just around a lot of men,” Weldon said. “It was always like, ‘Can you harmonize to these male vocals, or can you play the tambourine?’ Nobody ever wanted me to play the guitar.” Raised in Alabama, Weldon described even her introduction to guitar as an adolescent as yet another experience in which she (and others like her) were treated differently because of their sex.

But it was that previous band experience that left an indelible mark on her creative goals. Weldon described her previous band as difficult. It was a struggle even to get a word in edgewise. “It was hard to grow as musicians when you’re put into a position where you’re sort of told what to do and not really given the opportunity to grow,” she added.

The Just Luckies began with a true sense of purpose. Rather than fade away into the background, Weldon wanted to start a project featuring marginalized voices like hers. She’s been successful so far.

The band wants to tour more extensively outside of the Chicago area, but until then, they’ll continue to create and promote their music to give voice to the voiceless.